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Welcome to Divabot 2015!

Do you have a Pandorabot?

Do you think it could win the Loebner Prize?

If so, why not enter it in this year's Divabot contest?

Pandorabots has developed a platform to submit multiple entries to the Loebner Contest. Although all our entries use the same platform, the AIML content of each entry differs substantially and each entry is created by a different botmaster. The Pandorabots Loebner Prize program implements all of the installation and communication requirements of the Loebner contest, allowing the botmasters to focus on developing creative bot content. We began experimenting with multiple pandorabot entries to the Loebner contest in 2010, when we submitted 3 entries (ALICE, Khloe and Mitsuku). In 2011 we added Tutor and, that year, two of our entries were finalists. In 2012 we added The Professor, for a total of 5 entries.

In 2013, we submitted 6 Pandorabots and were lucky enough to have 3 them get to the final 4. The winner was an AIML bot called Mitsuku by Steve Worswick.

2014 saw us having 2 bots in the finals.

This year once more, we are opening up the Pandorabots Loebner Contest program to the wider community. Our goal is to select a few of the highest-quality, original pandorabots for submission to the official Loebner Prize Contest. Selecting these high-quality pandorabots is the goal of the Divabot 2015 competition.

Please note: This year's Divabot contest is limited to Pandorabots in order to pre-qualify pandorabot entries for the Loebner contest. Future Divabot contests may be open to bots based on other technologies.

Below is a brief description of the contest but please see the details page for further information.

The Rules

The Rules are really quite simple, as we need to conclude this contest by June 6th in order to prepare the entries. Entries are welcomed by botmaters who have a Pandorabot that is significantly different from the default ALICE bot. There will be some prior testing done to remove the blatant clones before the contest starts.

The contest will consist of 25 questions which will be asked to each bot using the same spelling and grammar to ensure no bot has an unfair advantage. Points will be awarded as follows:

2 points for a full and correct answer.
1 point if the bot was close but not quite there.
0 points for an incorrect answer or an ALICE response.

The points will then be added up for each entry and the transcripts posted online. The entrants with the highest scores (number yet to be decided) will be contacted to arrange entry into the Loebner Prize.

Please see the details page for further information.

How To Enter

Closing dates for entries is Saturday 30th May 2015. The contest will run from Monday 1st June to Friday 5th June 2015. In order to evaluate your bot, we need its published URL. This can be found by going into your bot Summary page and copying the item circled in red as shown below.

Please make a note of this link to fill in the entry form. Please see the details page for further information.

Please read carefully: Pandorabots currently hosts over 200,000 bots and while everyone might think of entering their entry to see how it copes, this would make the competition impossible to organize. Therefore if you are serious about entering and have spent some time modifying your bot from the defaults, we ask that you pay a $15(around 10) entrance fee to encourage only serious botmasters to apply. This can be done by clicking on the secure Paypal button on the entry page.

Entries made without paying the entrance fee will not be included in the contest.

If you feel you have made a significantly different bot but genuinely can't afford the entry fee, please send an email to contest@pandorabots.com and we will see what we can do.

The Contestants
In alphabetical order

Chatbot Name


English Tutor Ron Lee
Izar Brian Rigsby
The Professor Peter Lafferty

If you have entered and are not on this list please contact contest@pandorabots.com