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Submit your Pandorabot to the Loebner Contest

The Loebner Prize contest is the premier competition for natural language chatbots. Based on the Turing Test, the Loebner contest is the longest-running and most visible competition in the world of chatbot technology. The ALICE bot won the bronze Loebner medal in 2000, 2001 and 2004. The AIML bot Mitsuku won the bronze medal in 2013. Beginning in 2010, Pandorabots made its program available to a small number of AIML botmasters from our community so that they too could enter the contest. In 2011, two pandorabots (Zoe and Tutor) tied for first place in the “Junior” Loebner contest held that year. The Pandorabots program handles all of the details of setup and installation, as well as the contest communications protocol. We can now basically submit any pandorabot to the contest(*).

For the past few years we’ve hand-picked a few of the most well known pandorabots to enter the contest. For the last few years we've tried something different by running our own Pre-Loebner contest to select the best pandorabots for entry. It was such as success, that we are doing the same this year.

Pre-Loebner Contest Rules

1. Your bot must be an AIML bot published on a Pandorabots server.

2. Only pandorabots that have original content will be selected. No pandorabot will be selected if it is a clone of ALICE or any other AIML personality. Your bot must consist of mostly original content written by you. We will specifically test your entry to rule out ALICE clones.

3. Only one pandorabot per botmaster may be submitted.

4. Selection of your bot for entry into the Loebner contest by Pandorabots does not guarantee that it will be included in the contest. Once we submit the Pandorabots entries, the selection of the entries for the actual Loebner contest is entirely in the hands of the Loebner contest organizers. We defer to their judgment and choices for selecting qualifying entries and finalists.

5. Should your bot win a prize in the Loebner contest, you can keep any award monies, medals or any other prizes awarded.

6. Pandorabots reserves the right to use any entry chosen as a Loebner prize contestant in our own marketing efforts.

7. Your pandorabot should contain only content appropriate for all ages. Bots with adult, offensive, hate-speech, racist, violent or any other inappropriate content will be disqualified.

8. Your bot’s AIML responses should return plain text only (see Content Limitations below).

9. Pandorabots reserves the right to disqualify any entry at any time for any reason.

10. The Pre-contest judging will consist of an interview of your bot by one or more Pandorabots staff.

11. Pandorabots will select a small number of the highest quality bots for entry into the Loebner contest on our platform. The exact number of entries selected from the Pre-Loebner contest depends on the quality of the entries and other factors. Pandorabots reserves the right to choose some, all or none of the entries submitted to the Pre-Loebner contest for entry into the actual contest. Pandorabots may also choose bots not participating in the Pre-Loebner contest for entry into the Loebner contest.

Submitting your bot to the Pre-Loebner contest

To submit your bot to the Pre-Loebner contest, please provide the following on the "enter your bot" page:

a) Your name, mailing address, email and telephone contact information.

b) The name and botid of your pandorabot.

c) $15 entry fee paid by sending that amount via the secure Paypal button on the entry page. (The entry fee may be waived for any botmaster who faces financial hardship).

Contest deadline: 30th May 2015

Content Limitations

(*) Note however some limitations imposed by the Loebner contest rules on AIML content:

1. The contest is based on text-only, typed communications. You can not use any custom HTML, Flash programs, text-to-speech, avatars, popups, or any other third-party service. The only thing you can submit is your bot’s AIML content and bot properties.

2. Your AIML responses should return plain text only. If your pandorabot includes HTML markup, Javascript, or other embedded scripts, these scripts will be literally typed-out to the contest Judges, and will appear as nonsense. The contest Judges are not using a browser, just a simple program that reads characters one at a time.

3. The contest “no telecommunications” rule means that you can’t connect to the internet. The bot must work in a standalone fashion.

4. Because the Judge communications program types out bot responses at a human typing speed, long replies should be avoided.

5. The contest program provides for a special category with pattern NORESP that is activated if the program has no communication after a certain amount of time (currently, 30 seconds). The botmaster should include a category with pattern NORESP and responses like “Is anyone there?”, “I’m waiting for a judge”, “Hello?” etc.